Author: Clayton Miles

Australia is the place which has seen some migrants from other countries. The country is also got the tag of highly managed permanent migration program which includes the annual quotas for skilled and also for family reunion migrants. As per a report, in the year 2016-2017, it has said that the migration program planning level is for 190,000 places. This program was running since last five years.

It has said that about two-thirds of the permanent migration program has been set aside when it comes to the skilled migrants and the rest of the third remaining allocation is for the family reunion migrants. It has seen that during the last few years, the number of temporary migrants has increased to Australia. The majority of the temporary skilled workers are seen in Thailand. Due to this increase in the migration of workers, this move has got termed as two-step migration.

What Is Two-Step Migration?

When it comes to the long term temporary migrants, they come to Australia as the temporary skilled workers. They are different from the permanent migration program. These programs include annual quotes apply and temporary migration categories that include all the uncapped and demand-driven program.

As per the statistics of the Immigration Department, it indicates that there is increasing in numbers of temporary migrants which are transitioning to permanent residency. It has been seen that during this period, the proportion of permanent skilled visas granted to workers on a temporary visa has grown steeply.

Consideration Is Taken For Policy

When it comes to the two-step migration process, it has got many potential benefits, but with this, there are also some potential problems with this process. This is said that this is the temporary migrants are said to be vulnerable to all workplace exploitation. It is seen that these workers are vulnerable to workplace exploitation. To save the workers from exploitation, many Thailand lawyers migrating to Sydney.

The layers are now practicing at Sydney and come in handy when it comes to the workplace exploitation or any other legal issues. The main concern in Australia is the increase in the number of migrant workers. This also has got an impact on the local labor market. Apart from this, as the migrant workers are increasing, there is no a problem in getting visas. The rule for them is getting strict as well as the terms and conditions too.

So, it is seen that when the workers apply for visas, they face a problem or many legal issues. At that time, Thailand lawyers come to rescue their people. And also as the lawyers are from Thailand, so they can communicate with their people in their local language and can understand their situation in a better way.

There will be no miscommunication between them, and they can handle the case that is taken by them in a better way than any other foreign lawyer. These lawyers who all migrant from Thailand to Sydney helps in protecting the migrant workers from exploitation and also from legal issues in the foreign soil.

It is also best to contact Family lawyers Sydney, as they are needed also in family migration cases.

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